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Cilia Italia’s origins

cilia-italia-logoThe Cilia Italia srl was born on May 15, 2013 by the transfer of the Passenger Transport (fleet, employees, contracts) of Cilia SpA. Through this transaction, the Cilia Italia srl has acquired the know-how of the same Cilia SpA whose professionalism and experience in the field are in absolute continuity with Cilia Italia srl. The Cilia S.p.A. was born in the twenties of the last century, with the exclusive transport of things, of real objects. In the thirties and forties comes the carriage of passengers to the trucks covered by large sheets joins, the first bus getting also the suburban lines in concession. In 1955 he founded the Brothers Trucking Cilia Snc. In the years ’75 -’80 the same will mainly transport and Gran Turismo in the 80 starts school bus transportation. The first decade of the twenty-first century is the consolidation of a trust that the government agree with satisfaction, developing over time a high experience and professionalism in the field increasing collaborations with representatives and government agencies. The years of experience and professionalism that are now fully conveyed in Cilia Italy srl with the strength and the added value of a new company. A company that will do the technology, safety, design and delivery of a quality service tools essential for further growth and market domination transport. As of July 1, 2013 the Cilia Italy srl has passed under the direction and coordination of the RATP DEV Italy srl


The RATP Groupe


RATP DEV is a company of the RATP Group, one of the first groups in the world in the public transport sector with about 64,000 employees present in 107 companies present in 13 countries (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, Philippines and United States of America) in 4 continents, a turnover of approximately 5.7 billion euros and an AAA financial rating. The RATP Group manages 8 modes of transport: subways, urban and suburban bus services, trams, ferraviem tourism services, cable cars, maritime services, transport on request and is also active on new innovative mobility services: electric scooters, car-sharin , car-pooling, driverless shuttle services, intelligent parking; 

The RATP Group, in the metropolitan area of ​​Paris, has managed, for over 70 years, one of the largest and most multimodal networks in the world with 14 metro lines, 8 tram lines, 2 regional railway lines and more than 360 bus lines, 4,800 buses and a total of 12 million passengers transported per day; in addition to the connection of imported interchange nodes with self-driving systems such as the Orly Val automatic system in Paris, which connects Orly airport with the Antony RER railway station.

RATP DEV ITALIA, a branch of RATP DEV, an Italian company with Italian managers and employees, has been managing the Florence Tram in Italy since 2010 (awarded for several years as the “best practice” in Italy by Pendolaria), since 2007 Autolinee Toscane (public transport company in Tuscany) and LI-nea (local public transport company in the province of Florence), since 2013 Cilia Italia srl ​​(public transport company in Lazio) and has participated in the management, since 2002, of La Ferroviaria Italiana ( railway company in Tuscany). The development policy in Italy of RATP DEV ITALIA is based on maintaining the historicity of local companies and the specificities of the territory to which to bring the technical capacity, economic solidity, code of ethics and management control capacity typical of RATP.

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